I'm Stephanie (Stimac) Drescher and I'm a visual designer and front-end developer. I currently work on the Microsoft Edge team, where I've been since 2016, doing design, development and little bit of DevRel, which I'd love to do more of.

While my core focus is visual and user experience design, I have a solid understanding of front-end technologies like HTML and CSS and can work proficiently in them.

I've worked with many web developers who specialize in Javascript and believe that working in conjunction with developers during the design process is key to a successful project. It has helped me understand technical limitations with the web and has influenced how I design, as well as allowing me to work more efficiently with developers.

Outside of work I run a style and travel blog, Une Cherette, which I've being maintaining for 10 years.

I live outside the greater Seattle area on an acre of land with my husband and two dogs. We also own a short school bus that we've converted into a camper that we take on road trips and it is currently about to go through a second interior remodel.

Brands I've worked with

Before starting full-time at Microsoft, I worked at WE Communications for 4 years as an Experience Designer. I worked with various divisions at Microsoft like Windows, Bing, and Military Affairs. Other brands include Blue Cross Blue Shield, Honeywell, Safeway, T-Mobile, and the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute. I've also worked with local Seattle area businesses and entrepreneurs as a freelancer providing logo, website and other various business material design support.

Community: Blog Posts and Podcasts


If you're interested in working together, please contact me at steph.stimac@gmail.com or find me on one of the social media platforms in the footer.