Hi I’m Stephanie & I build products that people love.

I’m both a designer and a product manager with more than 14 years in the industry. I design and build websites for startups, and I have extensive domain knowledge in developer tooling.

I currently work at Igalia as a Web Platform & WebXR PM.

I’m the author of Design for Developers, and I've spoken at 30 international conferences and written for publications like Smashing Magazine.

Welcome to my site!

A photo of a book cover titled Design for Developers

Design for Developers is now in print! Learn design fundamentals in the context of the web.

Work Highlights

The Web We Want

A cross-browser, open initiative focused on being the community backlog for the web platform. To date we’ve collected over 150 valid developer problems, and some have even been solved and shipped.

User Research

Product Strategy

RapidAPI VS Code Extension

The RapidAPI VS Code extension is an HTTP Client for API Testing. It provided cloud syncing services and integrated with the RapidAPI platform, meaning developers could work in their browser or their extension. Launched in July 2022, the extension had 90,000 MAU by the end of April 2023.

Product Management

Product Growth


It started as a linting website in 2017 to help developers improve their website’s performance, accessibility, security and overall code quality. The developer tool also exists as a VS Code extension and CLI tool. It was also previously a browser extension but was later integrated into the Chromium DevTools as the “Issues” panel.

Visual Design

User Experience

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  • Settling into a new full time role at Igalia 🤗
  • Working on two new conference talks to give in June
  • Planning a belated honeymoon
  • Vlogging about life in England and tech on YouTube Channel
  • Mentally preparing myself for a summer of conferences, travel and friends.

As of May 2024